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Weight Loss Supplements
Weight Loss Supplements have occupied a big portion of food supplement market. It has become a multi-million business and is becoming an essential part of fast and modernized life style. Now people generally avoid their health care issues and are whole sole concentrated on making money. Late night parties, fast foods and wines are now an essential part of modern life.

But they still want to maintain their fitness. For this they need a proper Weight Loss Supplement with all essential nutritional components required by their body. There are number of weight loss supplements in the market commonly known as Herbal Weight Loss Supplements, Natural Weight Loss Supplements or simply Diet Supplements.

Taking a weight loss supplement will be beneficial only with some simple weight loss program. Natural weight loss program include some easy guidelines. Both will together work as a miracle in loosing your weight. Below are these weight loss guidelines:

• Increase Your Metabolism: For a permanent and long-term Weight Loss, it's imperative that you boost your metabolism. And the most effective way to raise your metabolism is to have a greater proportion of functional muscle on your body.

• Decrease Your Daily Calories: Eat fiber rich food as they have low calorie. Also include fruits and green vegetables in your diet. You can also take fruits and vegetable salad with before meal.

• Fast Walking Burns Fat: Fast walking produces a greater percentage of fat loss as opposed to jogging or running.

Fast Weight Loss
To be an obese is the biggest threat young generation is facing today. With some very effective guidelines you can loose your weight without any fasting and can make yourself fit and healthy. Below are some fast weight loss tips:

• Drinking at least a glass of water half an hour before meals is critical to weigh loss and maintenance of a healthy body.

• Avoid sweetened drinks like soda, cola, diet cola, tea, coffee and beer. It slows down your weight loss program.

• Eat a well balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Include green vegetables and fruits.

• Avoid fast foods and high calorie diet. It contributes a lot in gaining weight so it must be deducted from your diet chart.

• Do regular exercises like aerobics, walking or jogging. Even cycling or swimming is also considered very beneficial in loosing weight. Doctors prescribe Walking as the best medicine for weight loss.

• Take a good sleep. Improper sleep and sitting long in front of computer, laptops or television also contributes in weight gain

Weight Loss Exercises
The natural way to loose weight is doing physical work. Do regular exercises not only to loose weight but also to make you fit and healthy. Weight loss exercises include aerobics, walking or jogging. Even cycling or swimming is also considered very beneficial in loosing weight.


According to health experts - Walking is the best medicine for weight loss. So, don’t wait for people to call you overweight but start your walking habit today.

Benefits of Walking

• It improves body metabolism.
• Every muscle of the body moves while walking and it improves blood circulation.
• It is a natural way to loose weight and you don’t have to pay to walk.
• Walking refreshes you.

Other Weight Loss Exercises

• Ride a bicycle for 70 minutes
• Walk 50 blocks
• Swim for 90 minutes
• Play soccer for 90 minutes
• Work for two hours in your garden

Exercising equipments like walkers and joggers are also used today for your easiness. They provide you more accurate weight loss statistics and your weight chart in regular basis. Many other very useful weight loss exercising equipments are also available in the market.

Weight Loss Tips
Weight loss is a general issue covering a mass population today all over the world. It is more likely to see in fast and developed countries. Below are some proven tried and true weight loss tips for your weight loss program:

• Don’t eat anything for at least an hour before going to bed.

• Don’t skip breakfast. It is very necessary part of your weight loss diet chart.

• Don’t snack while watching TV or working on your laptop.

• Try to replace cookies and candy with fresh fruits like watermelon, plums, peaches, and oranges.

• Eat more vegetables especially green leafy vegetables.

• Include fruit and vegetable salads in your diet.

• Avoid unnecessary high calorie foods.

• Exercise at least a half hour each day for five days out of the week.

Green Tea for Weight Loss
Green tea is very effective in natural weight loss. Besides loosing weight, it also has several other health benefits. Green tea contains a number of things that are reported to be very healthful for you. Among these are:

Tannins, phenols, polyphenols, and flavanoid compounds, the amino acid theanine, and catechins of which EGCG seems to be the most beneficial.

Green tea increases fat metabolism which means the rate at which you burn calories and the body's ability to burn fat increases. The studies seem to point to a connection between the caffeine in green tea and the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which causes a boost in noradrenaline. Noradrenaline helps your body boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Green Tea Benefits in Weight Loss

• Green tea increases your metabolism: Studies shows that green tea extract increases the metabolic rate by 4%. These effects are probably due to the high concentrations of catechin polyphenols found in green tea. These work to help intensify levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the rate at which your body burns calories).

• Green tea inhibits fat absorption and helps glucose regulation: Reports says that the catechins in green tea help to inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells. Green tea may also act as al glucose regulator. It helps to slow the rise in blood sugar after a meal. This prevents high insulin spikes (lots of insulin promotes fat storage) and the subsequent fat storage.

• 3 – 5 cups of green tea per day is effective in noticeable weight loss. Doing this can help you burn an extra 70 calories per day which amounts to 7 pounds per year.

Other Benefits of Green Tea on Health

• It helps in protecting skin from ultraviolet radiation.
• It helps in increasing normal life span.
• It also protect against a number of different cancers.
• It Increases antioxidant levels in the body.

Natural Weight Loss Tips
In general weight loss means fasting or eating less food as compared to normal diet. But it’s not the real fact and according to medical experts healthy eating can accelerate your efforts in losing weight.

Tips for Weight Loss

• Drink at least eight glass of water in a day. Water not only protects from dehydration but also dissolve the extra fatness to keep the body slim and fit.

• Avoid fried and roasted food. Take natural food and include fruit and vegetable keep you fit and also reduce the extra weight/fatness deposited in abdomen.

• Also avoid junk food and fast food, as these are the main cause of obesity and cancer.

• Try to be vegetarian. Studies shows that the non- vegetarian are more prone to the disease like heart attack, Cancer, Diabetes and non-vegetarian become the overweight where as vegetarian remains within the standard weight as per medical weight chart.

• Morning walk for at least 30 minutes daily should be in your regular routine. If possible make time for evening walk too. It is also beneficial for your good health.

• Body massage is very useful for weight loss. The luke warm mustard oil should be massaged at least once in a week and than enjoys the bath. Massage and the sun bath will not only activate your body but also reduce your weight, but care should be taken that the massage over abdomen should be done anti-clock wise and massage over the lower portion of the body should be upward and massage over the upper portion of the body should be downward. In this system of massage your blood circulation will be more effective and friendlier to your heart.

Quick Weight Loss
Weight Loss can be easy with healthy eating, a sensible exercise program, well planed daily routine and proper health care. If you can master these elements, chances are you will be successful not only when it comes to losing weight, but maintaining weight loss as well.

Below are some quick weight loss tips:

• Don’t skip your breakfast. It’s the beginning of your day and you must take some nutritious food. It keeps your fit and also plays an important role in weight loss.
• Prepare your own food as much as possible. It will be more hygienic and keeps you healthy.
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. Also drink a glass of water after each snack.
• Take a good multi-vitamin. It will fill the unoccupied gap which is required by your complete diet.
• If possible drink a little warm water. Add lemon juice in it for better result.
• Eat lots of fiber. Foods that are high in fiber are low in calories. Examples include apples, rice cakes, carrots, and whole grains. Also, diets that are high in fiber reduce your risk for colon cancer and helps lower your cholesterol.
• Add dairy to your diet. Recent studies have shown that adults who eat at least 3 dairy products a day lost more weight than those who did not. Researchers attribute this to the fact that calcium increases fat breakdown in fat cells.
• Do daily exercises. It may be walking, jogging, aerobics or swimming or whatever that you enjoy.
• Avoid drinking alcohol. Rich in sugars and carbohydrates, alcohol is a calorie-rich substance. Furthermore, alcohol acts as an inhibitor for burning fat, allowing your body to store it more quickly.
• Try to take a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet. These foods are nutritious and will aid your body in burning fats and calories at a quicker pace. This diet includes many of your favorite fruits, vegetable, meats, dairy, and grain products.

Weight Loss Supplements
Weight Loss Supplements have occupied a big portion of food supplement market. It has become a multi-million business and is becoming an essential part of fast and modernized life style. Now people generally avoid their health care issues and are whole sole concentrated on making money. Late night parties, fast foods and wines are now an essential part of modern life.

But they still want to maintain their fitness. For this they need a proper Weight Loss Supplement with all essential nutritional components required by their body. There are number of weight loss supplements in the market commonly known as Herbal Weight Loss Supplements, Natural Weight Loss Supplements or simply Diet Supplements.

Taking a weight loss supplement will be beneficial only with some simple weight loss program. Natural weight loss program include some easy guidelines. Both will together work as a miracle in loosing your weight. Below are these weight loss guidelines:

• Increase Your Metabolism: For a permanent and long-term Weight Loss, it's imperative that you boost your metabolism. And the most effective way to raise your metabolism is to have a greater proportion of functional muscle on your body.

• Decrease Your Daily Calories: Eat fiber rich food as they have low calorie. Also include fruits and green vegetables in your diet. You can also take fruits and vegetable salad with before meal.

• Fast Walking Burns Fat: Fast walking produces a greater percentage of fat loss as opposed to jogging or running.

Weight Loss Programs
There are some very useful daily habits that will surely help you speed up your weight loss and makes your weight loss program a great success. These are:

• Plan your diet chart with low calorie food. It may include fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables. Once your meals are planned, try not to change them for highly calories choice.
• Do not skip breakfast. This is your main meal to start your day and avoid craving during the day.
• For coffee drinkers, it is suggested to have coffee before your morning meal because it boosts fat burn.
• Consume daily calcium to speed up fat loss. You can have a yogurt in the morning. A cup of yogurt gives you 50% of calcium of the daily recommended value.
• Have a cup of green tea in the morning to speed up your metabolism naturally.
• Take a cup of black tea, preferable at lunch or mid day. Studies indicate that the combination of caffeine and flavonoids reduces appetite by 45% and increases your metabolic rate.
• Drink at least 8 glass of water daily. It helps you to eliminate wasted toxins and sets your body's metabolic thermostat.
• Garnish your salad with lemon juice, or balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. It is low calorie food and helps in weight loss.
• Have at least 3-5 vegetables servings.
• Have at least 2-4 fruit servings.
• Do a minimum of 30 minutes cardio exercises.
• Meditate to release negative thoughts; it will help you keep a winning attitude towards your weight loss plan.
• Take Red Panax Ginseng (liquid) to boost your stamina and complete your workout; hence burning more calories.
• Sleep 6-8 hours daily. Last but most effective part of your weight loss program.

natural glow

Start Taking Nutritional Supplements for Natural Skin Glow:
Healthy glowing skin is one of the most cherished dreams of all of us. Our skin is the reflection of our health and vitality, physical, mental and emotional wellness. A radiant and glowing skin indicates good health, positive attitude and vibrates self confidence.

Natural skin care is not just about using skin products but also an ongoing process of a result of a healthy life-style and right diet that includes vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

But due to busy lifestyle sometimes we are unable to take proper care of our meal plan. This may lead to vitamin deficiency. So instead of trying some beauty cosmetic first we must check the diet that whether it’s enough to provide our basic need of nutrients. If the answer is no then we must go for some nutritional supplements to fill that nutrition gap.

Nutritional supplements will not only provide us with radiant skin glow but also have several health benefits. Also the foundation for good health is a lifestyle that includes a sensible diet with nutritional supplements, sufficient quality sleep, exercises and weight management. Taking high-quality, anti-aging advanced nutritional supplements helps fill in the dietary gaps that everyone will have.

Taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can help our bones to stay healthy and strong, and even help prevent osteoporosis in women. Antioxidant nutritional supplements can help us against heart disease, lower the risk of cancer, and help to protect eyes, lungs, and the brain. Fruits and vegetables are very high in antioxidants, so we should make sure that we eat them whenever possible. However most of the time we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, so taking antioxidants in the form of nutritional supplements is a viable alternative.

However, nutritional supplements should never be used as a substitute for a good diet. Eating at least three well-balanced meals and two well-balanced snacks per day is still the best way to be sure we’re getting all the vitamins and minerals our body needs to stay fit and healthy.

Take Herbal Supplements to Retain Youth
Everybody in this world wants to retain their youth as long as possible. They want to be mentally as well as physically fit and healthy till they die. Ayurveda has laid stress on two things, one that to attain long life and second is to live like a youth till death. It has mentioned many types of rasayanic herbs like amla, shilajit, haritaki, guduchi, shankhpushpi, bhallatak, pipilli, triphala etc that have anti aging properties (Rasayan are herbs that retard aging and makes body strong to fight against diseases).

These herbs are quite difficult to take alone. So the best way to take them is in form of Herbal Nutritional Supplements. Some of the herbal supplements are mentioned below:

• Bilberry Extract Supplements: These supplements improve eye health and night vision. Clinical tests confirm that the herbal nutrition supplement bilberry is effective in treating eye diseases such as cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and myopia.

• Cranberry Extract Supplements: These supplements are used for prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections and type II diabetes.

• Ginger Extract Supplements: These supplements are beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, morning sickness, nausea, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, gastro intestinal disorders, hay fever, HIV support, low back pain, migraines and rheumatoid arthritis.

• Gingko Biloba Extract Supplements: These supplements promote mental clarity and concentration, increases alertness and short-term memory and is used in cardiac protection formulas. It offers significant protection against the development of Alzheimer's disease, hearing loss and strokes.

• Green Tea Extract Supplements: These supplements help in improving cognitive performance, treating stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. Green tea may be beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and gastric cancer. They are also beneficial to maintain remission in persons with Crohn's disease, to prevent Parkinson's disease and help protect against heart disease, dental caries and kidney stones.

• Guggulipid Extract Supplements: These supplements are used for arthritis, lowering high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, nodulocystic acne, skin diseases and weight loss.

• Olive Leaf Extract Supplements: These supplements are used for fungus and yeast infections, frequent colds, asthma, vaginal yeast infections, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, bacterial infections, herpes, AIDS, chronic fatigue, flu and colds.

• Tumeric Extract Supplements: These supplements are beneficial for preventing rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, atherosclerosis, bursitis, genital herpes, hepatitis, HIV support, low back pain and osteoarthritis.

Herbal supplements can be found in capsules or powder form, or as tea. They are free from side effects and help to retain youth for longer.

Nutritional Supplement

Nutritional Supplement
A Nutritional Supplement is a substance that you can put into your body in order to balance your nutritional needs. Nutritional supplements are becoming very popular due to its effectiveness. They are an ideal way to get the vitamins and minerals required by your body. The food you take today is not sufficient to provide enough nutrition needed by your body. Adding a simple nutritional supplement to your diet can help you to keep healthy and fit.

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

• Nutritional Supplements aid in the body’s abilities to ward off disease and sickness. When the body has a proper nutritional balance, it is better able to fight off infections or sickness.
• Nutritional Supplements provides your body the fuel it needs to enhance re-growth and healing within the body.
• A right Nutritional Supplement can also aid in the body’s ability to burn off fat and increase metabolism. When this is the case, it is easier to lose weight and stay healthy.
• A Nutritional Supplement helps you to fight against the aging process. As you grow older you lose bone density, muscle mass, and nutrients at a quicker pace. Because your body is beginning to change, it needs more vitamins as a part of its daily diet. This helps the body to maintain its natural nutritional balance.

Including Nutritional supplements as part of a diet can help your entire body system to work properly.

Nutritional Supplements and Vitamin supplements for the Eyes

Eyes are the most precious part of the human body. Without this the whole world is black. It is very powerful sense in the human body. To keep this secure and healthy there are many herbal supplements, nutritional supplements and vitamin supplements.

We can protect our eyes and improve our eye sight with the help of some nutritional supplements, vitamin supplements and regular exercise. We should consume the recommended vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that we need in order to keep our eyes healthy. There are few nutrients that are known to be especially associated with visual health.

Antioxidant vitamins are very good for eyes. It helps to combat free radicals. The primary antioxidant vitamins include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. In addition to their important action against free radicals they promote healthy cells and tissues in the eye. These vitamin supplements are effective in maintaining the good health of the eyes.

In addition to the vitamin supplements that promote visual health there are several minerals that have been determined to play a significant role in the good health of the eyes. Zinc, Selenium, Manganese and Copper are the important minerals that serve to regulate sight, smell and taste. Combination vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper prevent vision loss in older age.

Nutritional supplements do have a place in maintaining proper health, and disease prevention. Nutritional supplements can certainly help in maintaining the eye sight, but they are no substitute for proper, balanced eating, 7-8 hours of good sleep, regular exercise, and stress reduction.

Those seeking to benefit from nutritional supplements designed to promote visual health and healing should familiarize themselves with the most common vitamins and minerals in these supplements. Consulting an eye specialist and licensed nutritionist would be very helpful in planning the nutritional supplements for the eyes.

Know more on nutritional supplements and various vitamin supplements for easy and effective natural cures for all common health problems from acidity to yeast infection.

Dietary Supplements – All You Need to Know

Our body needs a balanced diet to get all the nutrients required by the body. For that one should eat a variety of food. Foods that contain green vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, meat, fish and little bit of fat normally meet this requirement. But when these foods fail to meet the nutritional needs, you require dietary supplements.

Before going in depth about dietary supplements, you should know little more about what exactly is a dietary supplement?

A dietary supplement is actually compensating for vitamins and minerals in food by consuming capsules, pills or liquids. Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs or botanicals, an extract or a combination of these as a part of their ingredient. It is not a natural way of taking nutrients and does have some side effects.

So, the next question that may come in your mind is when do you really require a dietary supplement?

Some of the common reasons for taking nutritional supplements in an artificial way are gaining weight, healing after a surgery and bone fractures, recovering from illness and for strength during cancer. It is always recommended to take nutrients in a natural way but at times you have to also take dietary supplements. You should always remember not to take these dietary supplements for a very long duration as they do have negative effects.

Next thing to know is who all actually require dietary supplements?

• It is recommended for certain age groups such as people above 50 years so that they get extra strength as with age the body becomes weak.

• It is recommended to those you do not take proper diet.

• It is taken by pregnant women or nursing moms as they require extra nutrition.

• It is prescribed to the ill and people who have undergone some surgery.

Dietary supplements are supplements and are not meant to replace some of the food needed in a healthy daily diet. Thus, remember that no dietary supplement can ever replace a healthy diet.

Note - Looking at your physical health, a dietitian can help you decide to take a particular dietary supplement. It is always best to consult a doctor as the dietary supplements have side effects and may be they do not suit you.

Know more on dietary supplements and various nutritional supplements for easy and effective natural cures for all common health problems from acidity to yeast infection.

Why Are Herbal Supplements So Popular?

Due to poor handling and manufacturing practices, much of the food we eat is depleted of its important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients before it even hits the store shelves. So, although you can get a majority of the nutrients your body needs from the foods you eat, chances are you are not getting it from your current diet.

That's why herbal nutritional supplements are so valuable...they offer a safe and effective way to ensure that you get everything your body needs to perform at maximum efficiency and they can also help treat a variety of ailments at the same time.

It's important to note that not all herbal supplements are created equal. Because government regulations are quite lax, there are a number of unscrupulous marketers out there selling subpar supplements that either don't contain what they claim to or contain too much ingredient, which can be dangerous.

If you are looking for herbal dietary supplements, make sure you research the company thoroughly to ensure a safe product. Look for a certificate of analysis (COA) for each ingredient, and make sure the company adheres to strict GMP manufacturing processes. These are the same strict guidelines that the pharmaceutical companies have to follow.

Herbal nutritional supplements are available in many health stores as well as online, so there are a lot of options for you. Some herbal supplements are sold as separate products, but you can often reap more benefit from a comprehensive formula with several herbal extracts along with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, cofactors and other important nutrients.

Talk to your doctor or nutritionist and decide if herbal nutritional supplements are right for you. You might find that they are just what you are looking for!

Find Herbal Supplements for natural health care. Also read easy and effective Home Remedies for common health problems!!

Vitamins Sources and Deficiencies

Vitamins are very vital for the growth and development of the human body. They are found in natural foods. A good diet virtually ensures an abundant supply of vitamins. Sometimes due to certain medical conditions, the body is deprived of certain vitamins, leading to a deficiency.

Vitamin A deficiency is a common disease in poorer parts of the world and causes night blindness. Vitamin A is found in fish, liver and green vegetables. Failure to consume sufficient quantities of meat, milk or milk products leads to a deficiency in Vitamin B12. This deficiency causes megaloblastic anemia and, if severe enough, can result in irreversible damage to the nerves, liver and intestinal tract. A person can experience hallucinations, memory loss, eye disorders and anemia.

Vitamin C, found in green vegetables, berries and citrus fruits, helps prevent infection, enhances immunology and can help prevent cancer. A lack of Vitamin C can cause anemia, bleeding gums, muscle degeneration and blood clots. A deficiency in Vitamin D affects the bones, heart, kidneys and the thyroid gland. Common symptoms are irregular heartbeat, Osteoporosis and brittle and fragile bones. Vitamin D also enhances the immune system.

Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, whole grains, spinach and milk. A deficiency may cause an enlargement of the prostate gland, gastrointestinal disease, impotency and decreased circulation. Vitamin E helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin K plays an important role in the formation of bones and blood clotting. It also converts glucose into glycogen for storage in the liver. A lack of Vitamin K leads to a low platelet count and poor blood clotting.

Folic acid is essential for the formation of red blood cells and is vital for normal growth and development. Folic acid is found in beans, beef, barley and chicken, amongst others. A deficiency of folic acid causes depression, anxiety and birth defects in pregnant women.

Vitamin deficiency can treated by recommending dietary regulations, oral supplements, or by injections. Oral supplements are useful for those unable to consume food rich in vitamins. Injections are useful for persons with diseases that prevent absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Why Do You Need Vitamin Supplements?
You all know that fruits and vegetables you eat are the natural sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients then - What is the need of a vitamin supplement? With the pace of time lifestyle of the people are rapidly changing. Poor food choices, processed foods, sodas and excess sweets have become the norm for millions. Besides, even with a well-balanced diet, studies find that food nutrient values have been declining for decades because of soil depletion. So it is very essential today to choose a right vitamin supplement to fill the nutritional gap that arises due to improper diet.

Some Common Vitamin Supplements

• Vitamin A Supplements: It helps to maintain healthy vision, keep your skin healthy and boost your immune system. In simpler terms, this vitamin keeps your skin healthy, protects against wrinkles and acne and helps fight off infections and other unwanted diseases.

• Vitamin B12 Supplements: It helps to enhances muscle strength, provides energy and helps your nerves function properly. Insufficient amounts of vitamin B12 can lead to health complications such as fatigue, weak muscles and severe depression.

• Vitamin C Supplements: It serves a number of purposes including healing wounds, boosting your immune system, protecting artery linings and preventing cataracts.

• Vitamin D Supplements: It is helpful for babies who are breastfed since breastfeeding does not provide adequate amounts of this vitamin. Vitamin D has also been known to help fight osteoporosis.

• Vitamin E Supplements: It helps protect against heart disease and some forms of cancer. It also boosts the immune system and helps in healing injuries and wounds. Some studies prove that this vitamin also helps boost the immune system of elderly people.

• Vitamin K Supplements: It strengthens bones and is known to help fight osteoporosis.

So a right vitamin supplement can help you to attain a better health and energy, freedom from illness, improved sexual vigor and slowing the aging process.

11 Nutrients: Why You Need Them

Beta Carotene

What it does: In the body, beta carotene is converted to vitamin A, a nutrient essential for healthy vision, immune function and cell growth. It also acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. How much you need: There's no RDA for beta carotene.

Food Sources of Beta Carotene: Eat plenty of dark green vegetables and orange vegetables and fruits (papaya, mango) weekly to meet your vitamin A needs and reap beta carotene's potential antioxidant benefits.

Vitamin B12

What it does: Vitamin B12 is used in making DNA, the building block of genes, and in maintaining healthy nerve and red blood cells. How much you need: 2.4 micrograms a day for people 14 and older provides all the body needs--although some researchers have argued that a daily intake of 6 micrograms would ensure absorption.

Food sources of Vitamin B12: B12 is bound to protein, so foods like meat, fish, eggs and dairy products like yogurt and milk are the principal sources.


What it does: Chromium is required by the body for the process that turns food into usable energy, helping insulin prime cells to take up glucose. How much you need: Despite disappointing findings on chromium supplements and weight loss, the body still needs it. The daily recommended intake for adults is 50 to 200 mcg.

Food sources of chromium: Best sources of chromium are whole-grain breads and cereals, meat, nuts, prunes, raisins, beer and wine.

Vitamin K

What it does: Vitamin K is used by the body to produce an array of different proteins. Some of them are used to create factors that allow blood to coagulate--critical in stemming bleeding and allowing cuts and wounds to heal. How much you need: The current recommended daily intake of vitamin K is 90 micrograms for women and 120 for men. Luckily, vitamin K deficiency is extremely uncommon.

Food Sources of Vitamin K: Kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, arugula, green leaf lettuce, soybean oil, canola oil, olive oil and tomatoes.


What it does: Potassium is involved in almost every vital body process: maintaining blood pressure, heart and kidney function, muscle contraction, even digestion. How much you need: Surveys show that most Americans get less than half the recommended amounts of potassium, which is 4,700 milligrams (mg) daily for adults and teens.

Food sources of potassium: Foods that are closest to their original states are best, so be sure to choose whole, unprocessed foods as often as possible, especially fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fish and lean meats.


What it does: Necessary for some of the body's most basic processes, magnesium triggers more than 300 biochemical reactions--most importantly the production of energy from the food we eat. How much you need: Around 300 mg/day (women) and 350 mg/day (men), with the upper limit for supplemental magnesium at 350 mg.

Food sources of magnesium: The mineral is abundant in avocados, nuts and leafy greens including acorn squash, kiwi and almonds.

Vitamin C

What it does: Researchers have long known that vitamin C is an essential building block of collagen, the structural material for bone, skin, blood vessels and other tissue. How much you need: The current recommended daily intake for men is 90 mg and for women it is 75 mg. The body can only absorb a maximum of about 400 milligrams a day.

Food Sources of Vitamin C: Virtually everything in the produce section including oranges, green bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, cantaloupe and tomatoes, turnip greens, sweet potatoes and okra.

Vitamin D

What it does: Early on, most of the concern focused on bones, since vitamin D, working along with calcium, helps build and maintain them. How much you need: Official recommendations now call for 200 IU for children and 600 IU for people over 71, with other groups falling somewhere between.

Food sources of vitamin D: We rely on fortified milk and breakfast cereals to get most of our dietary vitamin D. Apart from a few kinds of fish, including herring and sardines, there aren't many natural food sources, which leaves supplements and direct sunlight.

Folate/Folic Acid

What it does: Folate is necessary for the production of new cells, including red blood cells. Folate deficiency remains a major cause of spinal-cord defects in newborns. How much you need: Many dietitians recommend taking a multivitamin with 400 mcg of folic acid; 1,000 mcg per day is the safe upper limit for folic acid.

Food sources of folate: Rich sources of folate include liver, dried beans and peas, spinach and leafy greens, asparagus and fortified cereals.


What it does: Zinc is integral to almost every cell of the human body, from keeping the immune system healthy to regulating testosterone. How much you need: The recommended dietary intake for men is 11 mg/day, for women 8 mg/day.

Food Sources of zinc: Oysters, cooked beef tenderloin, turkey, chickpeas, roast chicken leg, pumpkin seeds, cooked pork tenderloin, plain low-fat yogurt, wheat germ, tofu, dry roasted cashews and Swiss cheese.

Vitamin E

What it does: Scientists have not yet elucidated all of vitamin E's roles, but they hypothesize that it has a role in immune function, DNA repair, the formation of red blood cells and vitamin K absorption. How much you need: The RDA in men and women is 23 IU, or 15 milligrams, and because many E-rich foods come from nuts and oils, some low-fat diets may be inadequate in vitamin E.

Food Sources of Vitamin E: Wheat germ oil. Sunflower seeds, cooked spinach, almonds, safflower oil and hazelnuts. Learn more about health and Nutrients.

Antioxidant Food Supplements

Antioxidant supplements play a protective role for our general health including the health of our hair. Antioxidants supplements are supposed to slow down the oxidation reactions which are brought about by the free radicals. The Free radicals are highly reactive unstable atoms generated in our body that can damage cells leading to a number of diseases and ageing.According to the Free-radical theory of aging, these highly reactive oxygen species (ROS), damage the DNA, proteins and other cellular structures like the cell membranes and cell organelles.

The reaction of free radicals within cells, and subsequent damage has been linked to a range of disorders and chronic diseases including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, alzheimer's and diabetes and inflammatory conditions

Antioxidants are able to slow down or block these dangerous reactions in the body. They do it either by reacting with intermediates and halting the oxidation reaction directly. They react with the free radicals and prevent the oxidation reaction from occurring.

Antioxidants supplements can be taken as dietary supplements or taken as tablets and capsules. Studies suggest those dietary antioxidants supplements provide a range of are benefits for our health. However, excess antioxidant supplementation may be counter-productive.

Diet carrying antioxidant supplements

A healthy and balanced diet containing antioxidant supplements plays a pivotal role in retaining your hair’s health. Some of the herbal nutrition supplements and some fruits which contain antioxidants serve as natural medications for hair loss.Antioxidant food supplements are found in various forms – vegetables, fruits, grain cereals, legumes, nuts, etc. The sources of antioxidants include fruits (berries and peppers, apple skins, cider, wine), vegetables (spinach, tea leaves), fungi (mushrooms), whole grain cereals (hops, barley, millet and maize), nuts (pecans, pistachios, almonds), beans (cacao including chocolate, coffee).

Polyphenol antioxidants

This type of antioxidant is characterized by the presence of several phenol functions. It is found in a wide array of phytonutrient-bearing foods. Examples include - most of the legumes; fruits like apples, blackberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, grapes, pears, plums, raspberries, and strawberries; vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, celery, onion and parsley. All the above are rich sources of polyphenol antioxidants.Alternative sources of polyphenol antioxidant include red wine, chocolate, green tea, olive oil, bee pollen and several grains.

Antioxidant vitamins

Some of the vitamins that are good sources of antioxidants,. the antioxidant vitamins are--vitamins A, C and E.

Vitamin A

The animal form of vitamin A is retinol. It is a yellow, fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin found in animal foods such as eggs, liver, whole milk and fortified foods like fat-reduced milk, cereals and breads. Vitamin A, are the dark-colored pigments found in plant foods like fruits and vegetables (especially dark green leafy ones) and include spinach, cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant helpful in maintaining healthy hair. Sources of this vitamin are foods such as citrus fruits, kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes with their skins and dark green vegetables. The daily recommended dose for vitamin C is 60 mg.

Vitamin E

It increases scalp circulation which is crucial for hair growth. You get vitamin E from foods like wheat germ oil, soybeans, raw seeds ad nuts, dried beans and leafy green vegetables. The daily recommended dose for vitamin E is up to 400 IU.

Ayurvedic Treatments and Herbal Remedies


Ayurveda is a traditional system of holistic healing. It is based on curing the diseases from the roots. It works for the aim of complete health. Ayurveda is a perfect ancient science of life; the word Ayur literally means life and Veda the science or knowledge.

Ayurveda has been continuously practiced for approximately 5,500 years in India and Asia, and is claimed to be the oldest system of natural healing on earth, the original source of many other medical traditions. It is based on natural and herbal techniques and supplements, which are 100% side effect free.

Its primary goal is preservation and promotion of health, with an emphasis on enhancing immunity. A secondary goal is the treatment of mental and physical illnesses, and the restoration of spiritual peace.

Benefits of Ayurveda

Allopathic techniques are based on the concept of sudden and instantaneous relief, so often the patient get rid of his problem for a short period, but the origin of disease is not eliminated, finally there comes the probability in future for that origin to be worse. On the other hand, Ayurveda works not to suppress the system of body, but to go to the origin and cure the basic disturbing element. In such treatments there are very low chances of side effect. It gives you a complete health treatment, which works on the complete body system so it makes you feel better in your entire body.

Ayurveda Principles and Theory
The basic theory of Ayurveda revolves round imbalance and vitiation of three humors (Doshas). Ether (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi) are the five elements which underline all living systems. These elements are constantly changing and interacting and can be simplified into three Vitiations (Doshas). When these doshas remain under harmony and balance, health of body does not get disturbed but, when their balance gets disturbed, a diseased state sets in. The three doshas maintains the integrity of the living organism. The three doshas constantly change themselves due to the doshic qualities of specific lifestyle, time and season.

The Tridoshas

The three doshas are Vata (Wind), Pitta (Bile) and Kapha (Phlegm) and due to predominance of the one dosha, a person's personality is determined that is ' Vata-Prakriti', 'Pitta- Prakriti' or 'Kapha Prakriti'. These tridoshas are the primary and essential factors of the human body that controls the physical structure and all the functions of the body. These are responsible for the physiological and psychological processes taking place in the mind and body.

Vata Dosha: Vata dosha is the most important of all the three doshas. It is derived from a Sanskrit word “vaayu” meaning that is responsible for moving things. It is also termed as wind.

Kapha Dosha: Kapha is the heaviest of the three doshas. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “shlish” meaning that holds things together. It is responsible for growth, adding structure and also offers protection.

Pitta Dosha: The word pitta is derived from the Sanskrit word “pinj” that means to shine. It is associated with fire that is why it is often regarded as the fire within the body. It organizes all the body activities after transformation.

Each person has an individual blend of the three doshas, with one or sometimes two doshas predominating.

According to Ayurveda’s basic concept of human body, there are seven body types and they are:

Mono Types

• Wind dominated individuals (vata)

• Bile dominated individuals (pitta)

• Mucus dominated individuals (kapha)

Dual Types

• Wind and bile dominated individual (vata and pitta)

• Wind and mucus dominated individuals (vata and kapha)

• Bile and mucus dominated individuals (pitta and kapha)

Equal Types

• Vata, pitta and kapha in equal proportions

Vata Dosha, Properties and Various functions
Vata Dosha

Vata formed from ether and air, governs all movement in the mind and body and must be kept in good balance. This biological humor is responsible for controlling the function of destruction. It is regarded as the main dosha among all the three as it controls and governs all the functions performed by other doshas.

It is responsible for all the somatic activities and sensations. It controls breathing, blinking, muscle and tissue movement, pulsation of the heart, all movements in the cytoplasm and cell membranes. Vata promotes a healthy balance between the thought and emotion that gives rise to creativity and activity. It also regulates the nervous processes involved with movements, thoughts, and emotions, eating, drinking, elimination and the general functioning of the body. Balanced vata is a key to good health.

Properties of Vata

The various properties of vata are dry, light, cold, rough, subtle and minute moving. The large intestine is the main site of vata. The other major sites of vata are pelvic region, thighs, ears, bones and the skin.

People of vata type are the thinnest of the three humors. They tend to have dry skin and hair as the main quality of vata is dry. A person with vata predominant is blessed with a quick mind, flexibility and creativity. Vata people tend to have poor stamina. Usually people who are tall or short are vata types. They may have joints that crack or the joints protrude slightly from the skin. The hair colour tends to be dark and the hair has a course texture. People of vata types have variable appetite and digestion. They tend to produce little urine and their feaces are hard, dry and small in size and quantity. They are more susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia and arthritis. Other common vata disorders are dry skin and hair, nerve disorders, joint pain, constipation, flatulence and mental confusion.

Various functions provided by Vata

• Controls all the physical and mental movements of the body.

• Transfers the sensory input from various sense organs to the brain.

• Governs the process of elimination- faeces, urine, sweat, semen and fetus.

• Assists the metabolism (agni) in the body.

Various effects produced by balanced Vata

• Controlled mental activity

• Normal respiratory function

• Proper stimulation of digestive juices

• Proper co-ordination among all body functions

• Normal movements associated with eating, digestion and elimination.

• Excellent energy level

• Controlled action of the organs of perception and the organs of action

• Good energy levels

How to balance Vata dosha?

When vata becomes imbalance it can create imbalance in the other two doshas. This imbalance is known as tridoshic imbalance. Imbalanced vata results in fear, anxiety, agitation, worry, nervousness and tension. In order to balance vata one should avoid raw foods, cold foods and extreme cold weathers. Body should be kept warm and mind should be kept calm.

Pitta Dosha, Properties and Various functions
Pitta Dosha

Pitta formed from fire and water, governs all heat, metabolism and transformation in the mind and body. The whole chemical process including enzymes, immune power, hormones, nerves and the nutritional system attributes to pitta. Pitta governs the ability to digest ideas and impressions that helps the human body to perceive the true nature of reality.

According to ancient Ayurvedic text, Charaka Samhita, pitta, functions in digestion, heat production, provides color to the blood, provides vision and skin luster. It organizes all the body activities after transformation. The transformation of foods into nutrients assimilated by the human body is one of the functions of pitta. Pitta is also responsible for metabolism in the organ and tissue systems as well as cellular metabolism.

Properties of pitta

The various properties of pitta are oily, penetrating, hot, light, unpleasant odour, spreading nature and liquid form. Among the organs major site of pitta is navel, the other sites are blood and lymph, eyes, skin, stomach, upper part of small intestine and sweat.

People with pitta as predominant have the qualities of fire. Pitta people have warm bodies, penetrating ideas and sharp intelligence. People are of average build, height and weight. They tend to be strong with good stamina. They are the most balanced physically and have lighter coloured hair, fairer skin, blue or green eyes. Pitta people tend to have a strong metabolism, good digestion and strong appetites. They tend to suffer from diseases like jaundice, inflammatory diseases, fevers, burning sensation and sore throats.

Various functions provided by pitta

• Thermogenesis- maintains the proper body temperature

• Metabolism or transformation- starting from digestion of food to transformation of all other materials

• Appetite- the feeling of hunger and thirst

• Comprehension of information into knowledge also includes reasoning and judgment

• Courage and braveness to face the situation

• Converts external images into optic nerve impulses

• Provides colour and softness to the skin

Various effects of balanced pitta

• Good complexion with healthy facial tone

• Lustrous and slightly wavy hair

• Strong and complete digestion

• Efficient assimilation of foods

• Normal heat and thirst mechanisms

• Open intellect with good concentration on the truth

How to balance pitta dosha?

Imbalanced pitta results in incomplete digestion, irregular body temperatures, loss of energy and variable skin color. To balance pitta one should avoid excessive heat, oil and steam. Salt intake should also be restricted. One should eat cooling and non-spicy foods.

Kapha Dosha, Properties and Various functions
Kapha Dosha

Kapha formed from earth and water, cements the elements in the body, providing the material for physical structure. It is responsible for the maintenance of all creations taking place in the body. All the activities of the skeletal and the anabolic system come under kapha. It provides the structure and the lubrication needed by the body. It works as glue that holds the body cells together. It supplies the water to all bodily parts and systems. It lubricates joints, moisturizes the skin and maintains immunity.

Properties of kapha

The various properties of kapha are oily, cold, heavy, slow acting, slimy, soft and stable. The major site of kapha is chest and the other sites are throat, head, trachea, joints, stomach, lymph, fat tissue, nose and tongue.

The main quality of kapha is heavy. Kapha people are blessed with strength and stamina. The skin tends to be oily and smooth. The people predominant to kapha tend to gain weight and have a slow metabolism. Kapha types are calm, tolerant and forgiving. They may become lethargic with the time but their long-term memory is very sharp. Kapha type people tend to have diseases like sinus congestion, flu, diseases involving mucous, diabetes, water retention and headaches.

Various functions provided by kapha

• Mass and structure to provide fullness to bodily tissues.

• Fertility and virility to produce healthy offspring

• Strength to perform physical tasks

• Moistness to prevent the occurrence of friction between different parts of the body

• Provides stability to both mind and the body.

Various effects produced by balanced kapha

• Strong sexual potency and immunity

• Adequate moisture and lubrication throughout the body

• Regular appetite and strong digestion

• Good nutritional status with strong bones

• Physiological amounts of respiratory moisture

How to balance Kapha dosha?

Imbalanced kapha results in poor nutritional status, decreases mucous, loose joints, weakened physique, slow digestion and lack of appetite. In order to balance the kapha one should avoid heavy foods, dairy products, fatty oily foods, and cold drinks. Light and dry food should be consumed.

Ayurvedic Cooking
Balanced diet with proper cooking of the food stuff is a key to good health. Ayurveda recommends some ayurvedic cooking recipes which promotes immunity and helps in the treatment of mental and physical illnesses. Before going in depth regarding the benefits of ayurvedic cooking, know some basics of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is perhaps the oldest system of health care in the world and originates from the Indian subcontinent. It is a Sanskrit word, derived from two roots - ayur means life and veda, the knowledge.

Ayurveda briefly explain the knowledge of the do's and don'ts one has to follow, which favors the well being of each individual to lead a healthy, happy, comfortable and advantageous life both physically and mentally. Ayurveda also emphasizes that prevention is better than cure.

The Tridoshas

According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas namely vata (wind), pitta (bile) and kapha (mucus). These three doshas are responsible for the physiological and psychological processes taking place in the mind and body.

Vata dosha: Vata is composed of elements air and space. This biological humor is responsible for controlling the function of destruction. It is regarded as the main dosha among all the three as it controls and governs all the functions performed by other doshas.

Pitta dosha: Pitta is composed of elements fire and water. It organizes all activities performed by body after the process of transformation. The whole chemical process including enzymes, immune power, hormones, nerves and the nutritional system attributes to pitta.

Kapha dosha: Kapha is composed of elements earth and water. It is responsible for the maintenance of all creations taking place in the body. All the activities of the skeletal and the anabolic system come under kapha.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurvedic cooking recipes helps you to cook your food to achieve the equilibrium among these doshas. When the three doshas are in a state of equilibrium, one remains healthy. The three doshas maintains the integrity of the living organism.

Hair loss

Hair Loss is a common problem which arises mainly due to environmental pollution and also sometimes due to heredity. Physical as well as emotional factors are also very responsible for hair loss. If you lead a stressful life it will cause more hair loss than normal condition. Also your hair will become dull and lifeless if you are emotionally upset. As soon as your body finds its equilibrium and you have recovered from stress, the hair loss should cease. So the best hair loss treatment is to reduce stress from your life.

Few Tips to Manage Your Stress

• Take deep breathing to manage your stress. It is simple as well as very effective means to reduce stress. It is the core component of many stress management techniques, which are comparatively complex in nature.

• Meditation is also another popular stress management technique. It is the process of focusing upon the core of one's being. It soothes the mind, body and the emotions.

• Yoga is also a highly effective stress management technique. It has many forms but all forms work on the principle that the mind has a connection with the body and breathing. Yoga restores the balance and harmony in the body and emotions through different breathing exercises and postures. It increases the body’s flexibility and capability for relaxation.

Few Other Hair Loss Solutions

For faster hair growth and re-growth, you should usually take a varying combination of several key amino acids, biotin, vitamins B6 and E, and zinc. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need to take or eat to maintain healthy hairs are:

* Vitamin A
* All B vitamins-particularly vitamins B-6 and B-12, folic acid, biotin
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin E
* Copper, iron, zinc, iodine, silica
* Essential fatty acids
* Protein
* Drink 4- 6 glasses of water daily.

You can also take some herbal hair loss supplements that specifically targets baldness and hair loss. Massage also helps to stimulate hair growth. It is age-old hairs lose natural treatment to stimulate the hair follicles, unclog any blocked oil glands in the scalp, and help promote a healthy scalp and new, healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss Remedy
Your physical as well as emotional factors greatly influence your hair fall. Good health largely contributes to your radiant and shining hairs. Your hairs become dull and lifeless if you are upset emotionally. Stress can affect your hair the same way and your hair will begin to fall out. So, it’s very essential to reduce stress that causes hair loss and makes it dull and lifeless.

Effective Ways to Manage Your Stress

• Meditation: Meditation is one of the most popular stress management techniques. It is the process of focusing upon the core of one's being. It soothes the mind, body and the emotions.

• Imagery: Imagery is a method of relaxation through use of pleasant or relaxing images. Such images help to calm the body and mind. One can get a sense of relaxation by simply controlling the breathing and viewing some soothing image.

• Deep Breathing: Deep breathing is a simple but effective stress management technique. It is actually the core component of many stress management techniques, which are comparatively complex in nature.

• Progressive Muscle Relaxation: One can use Progressive Muscle Relaxation to achieve mental relaxation through physical relaxation. It involves tightening and relaxing the muscle groups in succession. In this technique, you first need to tense up a group of muscles to contract them as much as possible. Then relax the muscles normally after a few seconds. You should relax the muscles as much as possible.

• Martial arts: Practicing martial arts can be a great stress management technique. It keeps one physically fit and mentally alert. There are several martial arts that one can take up. Tai chi is a Chinese martial art that is popularly known as "meditation in motion". It stresses precision and force. The body movements are soft and flowing.

• Yoga: Yoga is also an effective as a stress management technique. Yoga has many forms but all forms work on the principle that the mind has a connection with the body and breathing. Yoga restores the balance and harmony in the body and emotions through different breathing exercises and postures. It increases the body’s flexibility and capability for relaxation.

Hair Loss Causes
Causes of Hair Loss

• Hormonal problems: If your thyroid gland is under active or overactive, you will suffer the problem of hair loss. This hair loss generally can be cured by treatment of the thyroid disorder.

Hair loss may occur if androgens (male hormones) or estrogens (female hormones) are out of balance. Clinical treatment of hormone imbalance may stop your hair loss.

• Pregnancy: Pregnant women may notice hair loss problems with in a period of about 3 months after delivery.

• Fungal infections: Certain fungal infections can cause hair loss. Generally, children may have hair loss problems caused by a fungal infection of the scalp. This type of fungal infection can be easily treated with antifungal medicines.

• Certain medicines: Some medicines (mainly sulphur drugs) can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss problem improves when you stop taking the medicine.

Medicines that can cause hair loss include anticoagulants (also known as blood thinners), medicines utilized in chemotherapy to treat cancer, medicines used for gout, vitamin A (if too much is taken), birth control pills, and antidepressants.

• Major operation or prolong illness: If you have undergone a major operation or have suffered a prolong illness you can face the problem of hair loss. However, this hair loss is related to the stress of the illness and is temporary.

Hair Loss Solution
Hair loss is a very common problem today. But still there is no sure-fire way to prevent all hair loss; however, there are some methods that have been used that work on some people.

• Aloe Vera can be used to promote healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Aloe’s positive effects on the skin are well known, and likewise it can help the scalp by healing it and balancing the pH level of the scalp while cleansing the pores.

A common preparation of Aloe Vera gel with a small amount of wheat germ oil and coconut milk is used as a shampoo and has traditionally shown great benefit.

• Rosemary and sage are two herbs that have shown benefit traditionally when used externally. It is suggested that to promote a clean scalp, stimulation of the hair root, and thickening hair one should boil together in water rosemary, sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock. Then strain the loose herbs from the liquid and use the liquid to wash the hair daily.

• Nettles are rich in vitamins A and C, several key minerals and lipids that can be beneficial to the hair. Nettle Root Extract has been used successfully in Europe as an inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase in treating BPH.

As mentioned earlier, 5-alpha reductase is a key component in turning testosterone into DHT, the substance that causes the atrophy of hair follicles. Therefore it is an effective component used in natural hair loss treatments.

• A blend of six drops each of lavender and bay essential oils in a base of four ounces of either almond, soybean or sesame oil massaged into the scalp and allowed to sit for 20 minutes has been used by aroma therapists to stimulate the scalp.

Once the mixture is in the scalp for 20 minutes, wash your hair and scalp with your normal shampoo mixed with three drops of bay essential oil. Massaging the scalp in general for a couple of minutes a day can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and in mild cases stimulate some hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatment
Baldness is one of the biggest threats that both men as well as women are facing today. This is the reason why hair loss remedies are a billion dollar industry.

There are some very effective Hair Loss Treatments that will help you to control your Hair Loss.

• Anti - Androgenic Therapy: Excessive amount of DHT (which is a component of the male hormone) causes hair loss and baldness. If DHT is the cause of your hair loss than your doctor can put you on drugs that form a part of antiandrogen therapy.

In women, the treatment is called CPA (cyproterone acetate) with ethinyl-estradiol. The therapy typically lasts for a period of one year.

• Get Your Hormones Checked: Specific problems with the hormones such as thyroid and pituitary can also be a major cause of hair loss.

If hormonal imbalance is the reason for hair loss, then your doctor would recommend you a course of appropriate drugs to solve the problem.

• Hair Transplant: Hair transplant is surgical method for Hair Loss Treatment. It involves operations that extract parts of the scalp from the sides and back of the head where the hair grows well.

It is then implanted on those regions of the head that are going bald. Hair re-growth is possible because the hair follicles in the side and the back of the head are immune to the hair loss problems. However, it is an expensive procedure.

• Hair Loss Products: Over the years, researchers have invented certain drugs that work very successfully for hair loss.

Natural Cure for Hair Loss
Hair loss

Hair loss is a metabolic disorder where hair starts thinning, falling, or disappearing. The papilla which is an upgrowth at the base of the follicle, actually produces hair when a special group of cells turn amino acids into keratin, a type of protein of which hair is made. The rate of production of these protein 'building blocks' determines hair growth. Hair loss is more common to men than to women.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Following are the major hair loss symptoms:

1. Falling of hairs.
2. Thinning of hairs

Causes of Hair Loss

Following are the major hair loss causes:

1. Lack of vitamins (specially vitamin B6 and folic acid) in diet
2. Inadequate nutrition and improper diet
3. Stress, worry, anxiety, and sudden shock
4. Heredity factors
5. Prolonged Illness (like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza, and anaemia)
6. Unclean condition of the scalp
7. Poor blood circulation

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Following are some of the effective home remedies for hair loss:

1. Boil one cup mustard oil with four tablespoon heena (mehendi) leaves. Filter it and keep it in a bottle. Message it on the bald patches regularly. It is very effective natural remedy for baldness.
2. Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on the head. Leave for at least 40 minutes before washing. Continue it for a month.
3. Do a vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingers after washing the hair with cold water. It is also a good natural hair loss treatment.
4. Rub the bald area with onions till it becomes red. Then apply honey on the bald area. It is very effective natural cure for baldness
5. Make a mixture of honey with egg yolk. Properly massage on the scalp and hairs. Leave for a 1/2 hour, then wash
6. Prepare a home made shampoo by adding 5 tbsp of curd, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of gram raw (chholia) powder. Apply it on the head for an hour and then wash
7. Apply fresh leaf juice of amaranth to the hair. It will help the growth of the hair and keep it soft.

Hair Loss Treatment and Advice

1. Include plenty of protein and iron in your diet
2. Take mineral supplements like calcium, magnesium, and zinc
3. Do not use hair dryers
4. Do meditation to reduce stress and tension
5. Don’t pull on your hair with a brush or comb when it is wet
6. Do not use hair dyes (synthetic hair colors)
7. Eat green and leafy vegetables

Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss

1. Mix 100 g each of amla (goose berry), reetha, and shikakai and boil in two liters of water till the liquid reduces to half. It is good herbal remedy for hair loss
2. Massage the scalp and hair with coconut milk or Aloe Vera gel. Leave it for ½ hour, and then rinse with warm water. Do this thrice a week
3. Mix aloe Vera with herbal powder triphala and apply it to the hairs. Continue this for three to six months. New hairs will start growing.

Natural Hair Conditioners and Shampoos

Home Made Hair Sprays
1 lemon or orange
Chop one lemon into four pieces. If you have dry hair, you can
do the same with an orange. Place the lemon or orange in a pot
with 2 cups water. Boil until half of the initial amount of water
remains. Cool, strain, and place in a spray bottle.
Note: Store it in the refrigerator. You can also add one ounce of
rubbing alcohol as a preservative. Doing this will allow you to
keep the spray for two weeks un-refrigerated. If you find the
hairspray too sticky, just add more water.

Home Made Hair Conditioner
3-4 tablespoons of Yogurt
Coconut Oil
Egg White Beaten
Mashed soft banana
Hair henna
Mix all the ingredients and apply on your hair for about 15
minutes to 30 minutes depending upon the amount of
conditioning required. Make sure that you have covered the
roots and the tips. Wash well with water and if wanted shampoo
as you usually do. An instant shine and freshness is seen in your

Natural Dandruff Treatment
1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup of White Vinegar
Add both the ingredients together and then apply directly to the
scalp. Use before shampoo. For better result, apply it twice a

Home Made Anti Dandruff Formula
2 tablespoons cornmeal
1/2 cup grape seed oil
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 plastic bag that will fit over your hair
Pour the grape seed oil into a bowl, and add the cornmeal and
vinegar. Stir well to make pasty oil. Firstly rinse hair with warm
water. Massage the oil into the scalp using your fingertips in a
circular motion gently. Repeat until the entire scalp has been
massaged. Now place a plastic bag over your hair, secure with a
hair clip or clothespin, and allow oil to remain on for at least
1/2 hour. Finally rinse well, with shampoo as you normally

Rose Petals Soap
1/2 cup of clear glycerin soap base
rose petals
20 drops of scent of your choice
Melt about 1/2 cup of clear glycerin soap base. When melted,
add approximately 20 drops of scent (for better fragrance, add
Rose Garden fragrance). Using a pair of tweezers, dip rose
petals in the melted glycerin soap. Dip one at a time, shaking
off the excess soap, and place the petal on waxed paper to dry.
As they start to dry, gently turn them over to keep them from
getting a glob of soap underneath them.

Home Made Soap for Natural Glow
Bars of natural fragrance or color free soap
Essential oil
Food coloring
Almond oil
Vitamin E oil
Grate soap in a blender and boil a pot of water and put a glass
bowl over the pot. Add some almond oil into the bowl and then
add soap into the bowl. Take the water from the pot and add it
into the bowl until soap changes into paste. Add oils, color, and
vitamin E as desired. Let cool in molds of your choice. Air out
on wax paper for a day or two.

Apple or Carrot Facial Mask Recipe
1 apple or a large carrot
Grate an apple finely and then add about 4 tablespoons of
honey. Mix it well apply the mask to your face wait 10 minutes
and rinse. This recipe works very well for oily skins. If your
skin is not oily you can substitute raw carrots for the apple. I
tend to use the apples most of the time but if I am having an
acne problem I use carrots for my facial mask that week.

Facial Mask Recipes for Normal combination, oily and
blemished skin
1 egg white
1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal
1 teaspoon olive oil
few drops of lemon juice
Mix one egg white, 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal, a teaspoon
olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice until smooth. Spread
on your face and neck, leave on for 15 – 30 min then rinse with
lukewarm water. Few drops lemon juice will help to reduce
blackheads while egg white will leave your skin feel “tight”
after this mask application.

Banana, Yogurt and Honey Facial Mask
1/2 banana
2 tablespoons yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
Mash the banana with a fork then mix in honey and yogurt. Apply
to your face evenly. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with
cool water and get soft and smooth skin.

Orange and Yogurt Facial Mask
1 tablespoon plain yogurt
Juice of 1/4 of an orange
Mash the above ingredients properly and apply on your face
gently. The sensation is both cool and relaxing. Leave on for a
five minutes and then rinse. If you are feeling sluggish, this is the
perfect mask for you. The yogurt will cleanse and nourish.

Skin care


Skin is a kind of sheath that separates you from the outer environment. It protects your internal organs from getting exposed to the harsh climatic condition. Skin helps in maintaining body temperature. It also helps you in perceiving sensation of touch.

Any problem in skin or any kind of infection to the skin can causes threat to the internal organs. So it is very essential to know the type of skin you possess, as right care of skin can help in reducing any skin problems and avoid diseases.
Know Your Skin

There are mainly five types of skin. These are:

• Normal skin
• Dry skin
• Oily or greasy skin
• Combination skin
• Sensitive skin

For the right care of skin, it is very important to know the type of skin we possess. It is very simple to know that what kind of skin you possess by following procedure mentioned below.

Whenever you wake up in morning, wipe your face with dry tissue soon after leaving your bed. If you find oil on that tissue, you possess oily or greasy skin. If you find grease on the center panel then you possess combination skin. If there is no grease at all then you either have dry or normal skin.

Now to check weather your skin is dry or normal. Just do one thing, wash your face with non-greasy soap and water. If you are left with the feeling of stretchiness and tightness on skin then you possess dry skin otherwise you have normal skin. If in daily routine you easily get skin allergies, rashes, itches and boils then your skin supposed to be sensitive.

Types of Skin:

There are mainly five types of skin.

• Normal skin: It not the most common type of skin. It is soft, smooth, velvety and evenly textured skin with no flaky dead cells and no pores visible. Proper distribution of oil and moisture is there that makes it a balanced skin i.e. not excessively dry and not excessively greasy. It is clear and free from blemishes.

• Dry skin: Skin is said to be dry, when skin is dull, patchy, reddened and flaky especially around eyes. Dry skin may cause formation of fine lines on cheeks, under eyes and corners of mouth. These conditions happen when oil or sebaceous glands are not supplying good nourishment and lubrication to the skin. If proper care is not given to the skin then it may lead to initiation of wrinkles in early age.

• Oily or greasy skin: This kind of skin is thick, dull in color and shiny in appearance. Due to over secretions of oils or sebum through oil gland, makes skin pores open and skin becomes sticky, which attracts dirt and dust from the environment. Due to this tendency, dirt and dust particles blocks the skin pores which are already widely open in oily skin leads to problems like black head, white head, acne and other skin related problems.

• Combination skin: Commonly seen skin texture which is the combination of two kind of skin i.e. some of the skin area is dry and some of the area is oily. Usually it follows the pattern of “T” i.e. the greasy part is usually the portion which is vertical to nose crossing nose (nose, mouth and chin) and horizontal on fore head and hence referred to as “T-Zone”. The area left i.e. cheeks is comparatively dry.

• Sensitive skin: This kind of skin is very sensitive to any change in environmental conditions or any kind allergies, which may be caused due to procedures like bleaching, makeup’s and other external applications.

Top 10 Skin Care Tips:

Healthy and glowing skin is the most cherished wish that everyone in this world thought about. With few easy guidelines you can make your dream comes true. They are:

• Wash your skin gently and with lots of care.
• Moisturize your skin regularly.
• Eat healthy food and avoid junk food.
• Avoid use of chemicals on your skin.
• Protect your skin from over exposure of sun by using sunscreens.
• Carry an umbrella or a cap with you when overexposed to external environment
• Don’t smoke and drink excessively
• Shave with care and softly. Only shave in direction of hair growth
• Use of good skin cleansers and toners regularly to open up blocked pores.
• Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices.

Natural Beauty Recipes:

Beauty is largely associated with your look. Your glowing skin will speak more to others than you. So, it’s always very essential to take proper care your skin. Another great beauty asset is your long silky hairs. It just reveals your personality and confidence. But you need not to worry about them any more because there are some very easy home cures to take care of your natural beauty.

• Peel, grate and squeeze the juice of a cucumber. Mix it with ½ tsp each of glycerin and rose water. Apply this if you are suffering for sun burns.

• Try chocolate mask to make your skin smooth. Take 1/3 cup cocoa, 3 tsp of heavy cream, 1/3 cup ripe papaya, ¼ cup honey and 3 tsp of oatmeal powder. Mix them together. Smooth on your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

• Mix oats with honey, yogurt and ground almonds. Apply this to your face, leave it for five minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

• Melt paraffin wax; mix it with little mustard oil and apply on the affected area. Leave it on overnight. After 10 or 15 days, your cracked heels will become smooth.

• For dandruff problem; soak 1 tbsp of fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind them into a paste. Apply on hair for an hour and wash it off using gram flour paste.

• For dry, flaky skin on your arms and legs, try this concoction. Mix 6 tsp petroleum jelly, 2 tsp each of glycerin and lemon juice. Apply this moisturizing lotion at least twice a week.

• For a glowing skin, heat 4 tbsp of almond oil, 2 tbsp each of lanolin, petroleum jelly and extra virgin olive oil. Blend all these ingredients and massage into your skin.

• A facemask of egg white and honey gently removes the tan from your face.

Natural Beauty tips:

Keeping your skin fresh and healthy in this era of pollution and dust is really a great challenge. But with proper care and healthy routine, it’s easy to maintain your beauty for long and prevent aging. Some of the effective tips that help your skin to glow and reflect your great personality are:

• Protect your skin from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. UV rays causes skin cancer and also makes your skin to age faster with unsightly wrinkles.

• Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day). It is very essential for good health which in turns leads to healthy skin.

• Keep your skin clean. Use a soft warm cloth. Skin does not require scrubbing.

• Take a well balanced diet. Include lots of fruits and vegetables. Improper eating habits can cause depression, weight gain, illness and an overall lethargy.

• Maintain a proper weight because weight gain causes your skin to stretch and as you get older, it loses its elasticity and you're left with sagging skin.

• Do physical activities for at least 30 minutes per day. Or 30 minutes of vigorous aerobics, or 12 minutes of weight lifting and 18 minutes of walking.

• Always try to be happy and relax. Talk to your friends, family or anyone you like and be in a happy mood.

• Take a good sleep of minimum eight hours. Avoid sitting a lot in front of computers, laptops or television. It makes you tired and may affect your health.

Body Scrubs for Natural Beauty:

There are number of Beauty Products in the market but Body Scrubs are very essential among them because they help to remove dead cells from your body and keeps them smooth and fresh looking. Normally skin sheds dead cells every day but after the age of 35, the dead cells that make up the outer layer of your skin are not shed as rapidly as when you were younger. As dead cells accumulate, they make your skin look dull and dry and you lose the healthy, radiant look that characterizes youthful skin.

You can improve the appearance of your skin by regularly removing the top layer of dead skin cells, a process called exfoliation. Exfoliation is accomplished by using grainy scrubs that physically remove dead cells through gentle abrasion, or fruit-enzyme skin peels or alpha-hydroxy acid skin peels, which dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells.

• Natural Scrubs: Natural scrubs are made from finely ground fibrous plant material such as oatmeal, corn meal, almonds, and apricot kernels. Be cautious when using grainy scrubs, because many are too harsh to use on the delicate skin of your face.

• Fruit Enzyme Skin Peels: Fruit-enzyme peels are made from fruit or vegetable enzymes that exfoliate the skin in approximately 20 minutes without scrubbing. Dead skin cells are composed primarily of protein, and enzyme peels digest the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin without harming new cell growth. Enzyme peels are gentle exfoliators and leave skin noticeably smoother and softer after only one treatment.

• Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Peels: Alpha-hydroxy acids are natural exfoliators derived from foods such as citrus fruits (citric acid), sour milk (lactic acid), grapes (tartaric acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid), and apples (malic acid). Alpha-hydroxy acids improve skin texture and color, reduce fine lines and age spots, and make pores appear smaller. Although you will usually notice smoother skin after the first treatment, you'll need to use alphahydroxy acids on a regular basis for two months or longer to see a significant improvement in skin texture and diminishment of fine lines.

Diet for Healthy Skin:

Everyone wants to possess a radiant glowing skin, thick lustrous hair, healthy nails and bright sparkling eyes. The food that we eat is of utmost important to achieve this goal. A balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrate and fats with the required amount of minerals and vitamins is essential for good, healthy looks.

Vitamins: Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, the deficiency of which causes lusterless hair and a dull complexion.

Vitamin A is an important Vitamin for over all health and beauty of your body. It encourages bright, healthy eyes, contributes to hair growth and discourages dandruff, keeps your skin healthy and prevents acne and also makes nails strong. A deficiency of Vitamin A causes rough scaly skin, brittle nails and inflamed eye lid.

Vitamin A is found in pineapple, mango, strawberries, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, green leafy, milk, cream, cheese, butter, yoghurt, chicken and fish.

A shortfall in Vitamin B might cause acne, excessive weight, dandruff, falling hair, and malfunctioning of the digestive system.

Vitamin B is found in meat, liver, fish, poultry, lentils, cabbage, peas, beans, potatoes, coconut, milk, tomato, orange, bran, oatmeal, rye, almonds, nuts, peanuts.

Inadequate quantities of Vitamin C cause skin eruptions. If taken in sufficient amounts, this Vitamin cures health problems, helps reduce weight, and encourages healthy bones, gums and body tissue. Vitamin C is present in tomato, potato, carrot, turnip, cabbage, lemon, orange, grapes, banana, mango, amla.

Adequate supply of Vitamin D prevents premature ageing. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause rickets, acne and brittle bones. Vitamin D is present in Cod liver oil, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs.

Besides helping cure hair problems, Vitamin E aids fertility and prevents premature ageing. Vitamin E is present in eggs, vegetable oils, peanut and wheatgerm oil, margarine.

Fibre: Fibre is very important. This indigestible carbohydrate is concentrated in the peel and rinds of fruits and vegetables and in the outer layers of grains and pulses. Fibre rich promote radiant glossy skin and clear eyes.

Protein: The proteins are needed for repair of body tissues. The skin and hair need enough protein and the deficiency causes dull and dry skin and scalp. Important sources of protein are soya beans, sprouts, cheese, paneer, milk, grains, peas and beans (rajmah).

Water: Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Skin Care Tips:

Skin care not only helps in maintaining the looks of a person but also produces a sense of well-being and helps in rejuvenation of the mind. To maintain the god-given beauty, we have to take care of our skin.

For facial skin care, just whatever fruit you eat, keep a small piece for your face. Mash it and apply on your face. This way the fruit will work both ways at the same time – internally and externally, to give you good health and a beautiful glow to your face.

In general the mashed pulp or the juices of all the fruits are good for the healthy, glowing and a blemish free complexion. They stimulate the skin by improving blood circulation.

Below are some simple and effective home remedies for your healthy skin care:

• Mix equal amounts of almond oil with honey. Apply on face regularly. Keep for 10-15 minutes before washing off. It improves complexion.

• Mix 1 tsp wheat flour (atta or besan), 1 tsp cream (malai) and a paste of 10-12 almonds soaked overnight with little coconut oil to form a smooth paste. Apply on face. Leave for 20-25 minutes and then wash off. Doing this regularly will improve your complexion tremendously.

• Mash a ripe apricot (Khumani) and apply pulp or juice on the face and neck or simply take an apricot slice and rub it all over the face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing off. Apricot has nourishing and firming qualities. It therefore nourishes, rejuvenates and tightens your skin. It also helps in lightening stretch marks and smoothening wrinkles. It is a popular ingredient in many beauty/ cosmetic preparation such as face scrubs, masks etc. It is good for all type of skins.

• Mash a slice of ripe papaya and apply on the face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and the wash off. Papaya contains enzymes which soften dead cells and removes them and so it makes an excellent nourishing and a rejuvenating mask.

• Mask a slice of a ripe peach and apply on the face or rub a peach slice all over your face and neck. An excellent nourishing mask for dry skins.

• Mix together 1 tablespoons of orange juice with ½ tablespoon of honey and apply on the face. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. A good moisturizing and toning mask for dry skins. Alternatively you can add some multani mitti to the face mask pack. Increase the amount of honey and orange juice to get a smooth paste.

Natural Beauty Secrets:

Beauty is the evergreen topic especially if you are very concerned to your look. Natural ingredients available at your home have essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and healing properties that work with your body to heal and protect the skin naturally without any cosmetic cover ups.

• Mix a slice of pumpkin with egg yolk and milk. Let this mask set on your face for 30 minutes for a glowing skin.
• Mix ½ cup honey to your bath water for soft and smooth skin.
• Paste of mint leaves and almonds, mixed with warm water and applied all over body till it dries and rinsed off with warm water makes a soothing body pack.
• For dark underarms and neck - apply lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric daily. Leave this on for 20 minutes.
• A mix of crushed mint leaves and oats applied for 20 minutes and washed off with warm water will reduce pimples.
• For hairs on your face, apply a sticky paste of egg white blended with sugar and corn flour. When it dries, gently peel it off. Repeat this three to four times a week.
• For supple skin, apply a ripe mashed banana on your face for 20 minutes daily.
• Try this natural bleach to lighten the tan. Mix orange peels (sun dried and powdered) with milk. Apply this paste for 25 minutes and rinse off.

Beauty Recipes for Glowing Skin:

For a healthy, radiant and glowing skin you just need to open your kitchen cabinet and with a couple of minutes your can make some very effective natural beauty products. Many of the items in your kitchen can provide natural skin care that even those expensive, chemical filled beauty cosmetics and products do not provide that cost a big portion of your pocket money.

Below are some effective home made beauty preparations that will help you to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

• Try olive oil as a moisturizer. You can also use it to soothe sunburned skin.

• Vinegar can work wonders for smelly feet and armpits. Mix water and vinegar 50/50, and use in place of deodorant: it will keep the unpleasant sweat smell away, without any irritation.

• Egg yolk mixed with honey makes a good face mask. Put it on your skin, leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse off. It is excellent for sensitive skins.
• Mash avocados, smooth it onto your face, and rinse off after 20 minutes. It is a great treatment for dry skin.

• Mix honey, lemon and vegetable oil for a great home made moisturizer for your dry skin. Apply this concoction for 10 minutes.

• For dark circles under the eyes, dip cotton pads in chilled mixture of cucumber and potato juice. Keep this on your eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes and gently wash it off.

Home Made Bath Salts for Natural Glow

Home Made Milk Bath Salt
2 cups of powdered milk
1 cup of cornstarch
Blend together 2 cups of powdered milk with 1 cup of cornstarch.
Then add approximately 10 drops of the essence oil of your choice for
fragrance. You can store this mixture in a non-porous container for
about 1 week.

Romantic Bath Salts
2 cups Epsom salts
1 cup Sea salt
10 drops red
10 drops of sandalwood essential oil
5 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
10 drops of rose essential oil
In a large bowl mix salts first, and then adds the other ingredients
slowly. Then add 3-4 tablespoons to hot running bath water.

Honey and Milk Bath Recipe
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup powered or whole milk
Add ingredients to running hot bath water. Honey and milk will
soothe, soften, and moisturize your skin.

Uplifting Bath Salts
2 cups Epsom salt
1 cup Sea salt
Food coloring (4 drops red, 6 drops yellow)
8 drops of orange essential oil
6 drops of neroli essential oil
6 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops of lemon essential oil
Mix salts in a large bowl and then add the other ingredients slowly.
Then add 3-4 tablespoons to hot running bath water. This bath salt
will surely uplift your spirit.

Energizing Bath Salts
2 cups Epsom salts
1 cup Sea salt
6 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops green food coloring, 5 drops blue
10 drops rosemary oil
15 drops peppermint oil
Mix salts in a large bowl and then add the other ingredients slowly.
Then add 3-4 tablespoons to hot running bath water. This bath salt
will surely energizes you with freshness.